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They say pretty hurts, and for Black women, many of our beauty products may be causing harm to our bodies without us realizing it. In 2016, researchers for the Environmental Working Group found that beauty products marketed towards Black women were disproportionately more toxic than beauty products marketed towards the general population.  

Black women are increasingly seeking brands with non-toxic, natural ingredients. There’s also a growing desire amongst all beauty consumers for beauty products to not only have safe ingredients but to also have ingredients and formulas that have been scientifically proven to have high efficacy. In this series, we highlight Black-owned beauty brands that have both.


What is your background and what inspired you to launch your brand?

I’m a serial entrepreneur who often wears many hats as it relates to running my companies. I currently operate multiple successful businesses across industries, however, usually prefer to stay in the background and allow my work to speak for itself. Melanin60 Skincare came about once I became conscious of ingredients that were in other skincare products and wanted to have more control of what was going onto my skin and ultimately into my body. I was making my own products for years before deciding to test them with respected experts and small focus groups and officially launch. With Melanin60 Skincare, I want to offer people with melanin-rich skin an opportunity to attain healthy, glowing skin.

What are the mission of your brand and 1 or 2 of its hero products?

Our mission at Melanin60 Skincare is to provide the whole family with the best quality in skincare. All products are plant-based, all-natural, and organic. We have the Melanin60 Skincare BODY KIT and FACE KIT that are jam-packed with naturally sourced ingredients that are great for anyone who wants a recommended regimen to improve the quality of their skin. I would say my first hero product would be our Wilda Vitamin C Serum. I feel like it’s your skin’s secret weapon. My second hero product would be our Exfoliating Bar Soap, which leaves your skin feeling smooth while giving it a much-needed gentle exfoliation.

How did you formulate your products? Did you formulate them yourself? Was anyone with a scientific/medical background involved, and if so, what was their background, and how were they involved?

All Melanin60 Skincare products are hand-crafted in Atlanta by me with all-natural, plant-based ingredients that cater to melanin-rich skin. They were then confirmed and tested by a research and development chemist and a certified cosmetic product formulator. I am also certified in product formulation. So, we make sure everything is tested prior to bringing it to the market.

What are a few of the key ingredients in your products and why are they important?

The base for most of our products consists of naturally sourced shea butter, cocoa butter, and Irish moss. The shea butter is important because it is safe for all skin types. Cocoa butter helps to form a protective barrier and lock in moisture, and the Irish moss is packed with vitamins to keep the skin hydrated. Collectively, all the ingredients work together to help consumers achieve healthy skin.

What, if any, are some of the ingredients you would typically find in similar products, which you have intentionally removed from your formulation? Why should consumers avoid such ingredients and products that include them?

I have sensitive skin and have to be mindful of the products I use, which is originally why I started making my own. Ingredients like unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E may be seen in many similar products. However, it was important to me for example, that our deodorant be free of aluminum, parabens, and phthalates; ingredients that could ultimately be harmful to the skin. At Melanin60 Skincare, we want to be sure that our products are safe for all skin types and deliver on our mission to provide the best quality in skincare.